The Challenge For Kingdom Women Who Want To Meet Their Spirit Mate Now!


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Thursday FEB 18th

Learn how to get married in less than a year!

Even if you are NOT currently dating anyone, OR if you've been married before, and especially if you think ALL the "good ones" are taken.




  • He's in the matchmaking business
  • He's making matches now
  • Attract marriage-minded men
  • Attract Christian men
  • Align with the Love Story God has already written about YOU!

Three  Big Problems Today!

I see THREE big problems today

that continue to keep Christian women single.


You feel isolated, everyone

around you is married, or getting married. You're tired of them saying, "When are YOU going to get married?"


You have no idea how to meet marriage-minded men, or even truly Christian men, who will seek you out for a committed relationship and not just waste your time with head games.


The greatest desire of your heart is to be married, but you feel trapped in negativity and you wonder when or if it will ever happen, you think, "Maybe, I'm not meant to be married."

Who will you be learning from in the

Married in 12 Months or Less Challenge?

Hi, my name is Jackie!

I'm Jackie Dorman, and I am an author, online teacher, and matchmaker. Since 1997, I have mentored thousands of women in person and online in the areas of inner healing, personal growth, and removing the heart blocks to intimate connection. In short, I help women get out of their own way quickly when it comes to finding the love they want.


I have always loved matchmaking. I have been doing it for years, and I have a gift when it comes to seeing the potential of two people to fall in love with each other. In my personal life, I have been credited as the catalyst for many amazing marriages.


After teaching my most popular workshop (The Heart Work) for years to women all over the world, I continually ran into amazing, talented, smart, beautiful, marriage-minded, Jesus-loving women that could not find a husband.

    That confused me and got me thinking, and more importantly, praying about WHY?


    I'm happy to say that God has shown me the truth about what is really holding women back from finding the love that He has already planned for them. I will take you through an easy to understand, life-changing, no-hype process to reveal the roadblocks and detours to get you living your LOVE STORY as fast as possible.


    Each day, I'll be going LIVE in our private Facebook group to share breakthrough strategies, never-heard-before insights, encouraging stories, and much more so you can seize your love opportunity now.



    Are you ready to get out of the waiting room?

    This Challenge is for YOU if ...

    • You are ready to step into the Love Story that God has already written about you ...
    • AND you don't want to wait another year!
    • You are ready to know the real truth about what is holding you back​
    • Or maybe you have done the #1 thing Christian women do when it comes to getting a husband. NOTHING!

    ​The "I'm going to sit here and just wait for God to send him to me," strategy. Find out why this is not a good, or even divine, strategy.

    Have you have tried any of all of the following with little or no success:

    • Online dating apps and sites

    • Singles ministries

    • Conferences

    • Getting married multiple times

    • Blind dates and being setup by friends and family

    • Professional counseling

    • Praying and fasting

    You'll be totally

    supported along the way!

    I am dedicated to creating an environment that provides each of you with major transformation in your love life.

    Connect with me on Facebook for this 5-Day Challenge & revolutionize your connection with God concerning your future marriage, and the love of your life!

    • Live Zoom discussions with me and my guests

    • Resources provided right away

    • Daily actionable tasks, homework, prayer and group participation

    • Best practices and strategies for meeting the right kind of spirit mate

    • A community of awesome, like-minded, Spirit-led women

    • And lots of FUN!

    Here Is What We'll Do Together

    Over Our 5-Day Journey

    DAY 1

    God Is Your Matchmaker

    Why is now your time? Why do some women get married quickly, and others have a hard time? Is there a better way? You will learn how to get out of your own way and let love in.

    DAY 2

    The Lies We Believe

    I'm going to debunk every lie you believe about why you are single, and help you get married before even another year passes. Even if you're not currently dating ANYONE!

    DAY 3

    Biblical Law of Attraction

    After you start meeting potential spirit mates, you will have choices! So how will you know which ones to invest your time into and who will be a good match long term?

    DAY 4

    Why Does God Want ME Married?

    God WANTS you married, more than YOU want to be married. But why? What is the purpose of marriage? How is your marriage destined to change the world?

    DAY 5

    Get Out Of The Waiting Room

    I will teach you how to get out of the waiting room, and prepare yourself for the greatest adventure of your life. Your groom is looking for you! Let's help him find you.

    Next Challenge STARTS - Thursday FEB 18th

    What Other Women Are Saying

    Join hundreds of women who are getting heart healing and life-changing results.


    Corpus Christi

    Y'all, after Married in 12 Months or Less, I felt available, renewed, and truly ready to date. I'm super thankful for this course. I now realize that I don't have to be nervous or timid anymore. I can trust God to protect me from the wrong ones and lead me to the right one.



    The M12M Bride Bootcamp helped me clearly identify and define my non-negotiables, and what 'really matters' to me. I now realize that God already gave me a man that fits my prayers. After this course we were able to have one of the most, if not THE most, honest conversations we've ever had. Bootcamp helped me appreciate someone I was set on giving up for all the wrong reasons.



    Before Married in 12 Months or Less, men never used to look my way. Well, that has completely changed. From 20's to 70's, they all look my way now. I'd say 98% of them, craziest thing ever. I'm no longer invisible, this is incredible to me. Thanks Jackie.

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